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Common form of upload

Press the button and upload one or couple of your files to server.

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Click the icon to get the link to your file .

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Follow the link to the download page and upload it or share this link with friends.

Now You know how to earn!


Upload more files, increase amount of uploads and earn more. We will be watching Your progress and help You with what we can do.

If You have questions - readFAQ, discuss on forum, or write to support service

Great, You have earned your first money.


In this statistics Your revenues will be shown and here You can order payments.

You can know about different types of earnings here.

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Invite people to earn with Letitbit and receive up to 35 % of extra earnings from revenue of Your referrals.

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Locate the banner on Your pages in social networks, on Your signature on forums, on Your personal site or blog.

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Now You know what to do to increase Your revenue. Work and You will get success!

More, much more...


Locate more banners, invite more friends, and the result will not make You wait long.


Choosing the file:

You need to choose files that Your friends will need first of all (as a sample, it is a video or photo from meetings) or Your users. We allow You to upload files of any size.

Where to get uploads from:

The easiest way is to share files with Your friendsand,
using social networks (vkontakte, facebook, etc.), to share links to files in groups, that you are in.
Write messages on forums with links by topics of forum. For example, if forum is auto oriented, You can leave instructions there, lessons, funny videos, videos from registrators.

We also have different sites, that allow to publish Your news with links to files.

You can create Your own website with its specifications and locate links concerning its topic there.

Referral system:

Advertise our partner program to your users, tell them how to earn the money. Learn them how to do it, and they will bring You real profit. We pay You $25 from each $100, earned from Your referrals, this means 25%

Earn more if You have Your own site:

WPP (Webmaster partner program). Name of your domain should be added to our system, and after its approval, You will have an extra earnings from each sale, made by users on Your site.


by converting or adding description to video files (not more than 20 minutes), You automatically will start earning a revenue from views of that video. You can also convert video that is bigger, locate it in Internet and earn up to $5 from each thousand of views.

Fight for the "clean" content:

Fight with child porn and zoo porn. If You find the link to such files, by filling the form in, You will be able to earn 10 cents from each link.

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